Filsufatia - Melancholia A Burden Too Much To Bear [2012]

Band: Filsufatia
Demo: Melancholia, A Burden Too Much To Bear.
Year: 2012. 
Label: Independent.
Genre: Depressive Melancholic Black Metal.

Filsufatia is a depressive and melancholic black metal one man band from the scorched land called Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The band have constantly been producing and releasing songs and demos annually since it's inception way back in 2006. Melancholia, A Burden Too Much To Bear is the band's seventh demo and it contains eight depressive and melancholic black metal-esque instrumental tracks. A mix of gritty guitars, harmonies of string arrangements and pianos, the listeners shall be mesmerized by the melancholic soundscape and deep atmosphere that the band had successfully created.   

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