Happy Days - Cause of Death: Life.

Band: Happy Days
Album: Cause of Death: Life
Year: 2012. 
Label: Funeral Industries.
Genre: Depressive Black Metal.

Happy Days is a Suicidal Depressive Black Metal duo from Florida, United States and remains one of the better known act from the aforementioned subgenre. Cause of Death : Life is the band's fourth full length and it was released by the German label, Funeral Industries. 

I will be honest that I am not a huge fan of Happy Days but having said that, they have managed to release pretty decent albums and demos over the past few years since 2007. I liked the 2009 album, Happiness Stops Here because there were a few songs and riffs that managed to catch my ever demanding ears eventhough I could not really tolerate the lyrics.

But at the end of the day, who am I to say? To me, this subgenre had always been about personal expression, whether the listeners can relate to it or not, that would be a subjective decision. Respect should be given where respect should be given and they earned one from me for doing what they did.

Cause of Death : Life contains 15 songs spreading 1 hour 7 minutes and 41 minutes for the first disc and another 36 minutes and 43 seconds for the second disc.The song For These Wounds Will Never Be As Deep As This Emptiness contains a very good and mesmerizing lead. The same goes to the cold sound of Broken and the dark and angry Cold Aggression. Alone And Cold was a rerecorded track from their debut demo of the same name back in 2007. 8 minute mammoth of a song, I felt the eery aura of negativity creeping in after the 2 minute mark passed.  A good black metal listen indeed but suicidal? Did not quite made it there for me.

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